IAmBaM Privacy Policy
IAmBaM maintains a strict privacy policy with the highest possible standards in order to establish and maintain the highest level of trust between IAmBaM and its customers.
Because IAmBaM is a development and marketing effort of PC Backup, the work performed by PC Backup may involve use of IAmBaM customer information as needed for customer support or investigation of issues. Access to information regarding IAmBaM customers or the data collected or managed through a customer's use of an IAmBaM app is strictly limited to within PC Backup. Building customer trust is a foundational tenet at PC Backup - it defines who we are!
We hereby make the following promises:
  • We will never share any information related to potential, current, or past customers with any other organization or entity.
  • We will never misrepresent any functionality or purpose of apps published for either free or paid download.
  • We will promptly and clearly answer any questions or concerns regarding the functionality within any app we publish.
  • Any data collected by any app that we publish will only be used in performing the intended functionality of that app.